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About Me

I’m a creative director in Delhi. I run a website design company in delhi.  I’ve always been curious and liked talking to people. I just love to do amazing creative stuff such as Web Design, UX, Mobile Apps, Social Media and more.

I’m a Web and Graphic Designer and Illustrator, who does stunning logos, make pixel-perfect and detailed Web design for web and mobile and also Illustrating some lovely and some bad ass characters. In everything I do, I give a piece of my heart and try my best to make the client happy with the final result, and of course make myself happy.

How We Work


We’ll talk through your hopes and aspirations and add our own thoughts to the mix. Before diving in, it can be useful to validate your idea with potential users or investors.


The design process has multiple steps. Usually we’ll begin by fully considering flow and architecture before moving on the visual identity.

Full Build

We’ll follow lean methodologies which has many advantages. It not only lets the project breathe and evolve, but it also removes waste and inefficiency.

Go Live

Your first users need to be cherished. There’s a range of services available which help to gather valuable insights. After around three months, we’ll get in touch to check how the final website/app is performing.

What We Done

Do your potential customers know how cool you really are? We take the time to find out. Then evolve your digital presence with a kick-ass solution and make them say “WOW, you ARE cool!”

Relationships are forged when people are given something of value that they can enjoy or use more than once. Today, that might be a series of viral videos or an app. Tomorrow it will be something else. My time working in the nonprofit world taught me a lot about worth. It’s worth it for brands to build relationships with people, not just get them to buy something once.

What We Offer

We provides every service needed to evolve your company’s identity both online and in print. We will help you stay on top of the latest marketing trends and outshine others in your industry!

We offer effective website design services, mobile website design and development, website redesigns, web development, e-commerce websites, custom web development solutions, logo designing, seo services, hosting and affordable website design packages at realistic prices.

Responsive Design

It’s about carefully crafting a website to be usable and aesthetically pleasing across a wide range of devices. Responsive websites use a fluid layout that adapts and responds to your user.

eCommerce Development

Your website has to perform like a well-oiled machine; easy to maintain and more importantly, easy to grow!

Website Design

Attract as many visitors to your site before they hit your competitor’s site – and keep them there! I creates a wide variety of websites, from highly customized pages to simple and effective templates.

Internet Marketing

We will promote your website online using techniques including pay per click campaigns, split A/B testing, email marketing, and more. We track Internet marketing success using advanced web analytics tools.

Web Development

Your organization deserves to get web solutions that meet your specific needs. Find out how we can build custom web applications that help you take full control of your online systems.

Creative Ideas

We knows how to engage today and tomorrow’s digital customer. Good ideas underpin everything we do. My creative and technological mind work together from the start of any project.

Brand Identity

They draw in, engage and delight the customer, engendering loyalty and advocacy. We work with clients developing their brand hierarchy, creating digital brand guides, toolkits and asset libraries for web and application development.

Mobile Applications

We produce mobile applications for all devices. Whether for business or as part of a marketing campaign, we marry sound UX and design with robust development practices.

Client Recommendations

Testimonials from past and current web design, development & promotion clients. Please read some of the lovely things our clients say about us.

A thrilled client is the main goal and motivation behind every custom website design project I take on. As a professional web designer, nothing is better than hearing that I’ve accomplished a client’s goals, visions and needs just as or better than imagined. Below, I’ve included testimonials from clients whose projects are also featured and explained in detail in my website portfolio.

Ram is excellent, he is almost always available online. I know he rarely sleeps and is always ready to take a project on with a dedication not often seen.

Excellent Flash design! Thanks for your hard work!!!! Forrest

Ram is an excellent designer. We discussed on how to improve on communication, which he showed towards the end of the project. Thanks Ram for a job well done.

Ram is a very hard worker and stayed up late to make sure that the work was done on time!

Excellent. Completed work on time as needed. Pleasant to work with. I highly recommend him.

I like this designer a lot.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Great flash skills. Completed the project as requested, on-time. Would definitely work with him again.

Easy to work with for novice like myself. very talented and I was most impressed with the examples of works ram supplied to me. Ram uses vibrant colours and his pages all stood out as exceptional and some of the best ive seen at any time. His work is truly exceptional value for money, I would strongly recommend Ram for any project. We will be using Ram for future projects.

Fast turn around, good design.

Very fast service and 10/10 for work. Great to work with.

Great guy to work with. Understands your required and delivers on time, on budget. Highly recommended!

Amazing programmer. Did a great job! Very artistic! Expert at Webdesign, Graphics Design, and Flash! Fast communication. Strong attention to detail. Thanks!

Ram is a excellent freelancer. He finished my site ahead of schedule. His price is very affordable & he will save your company thousands of dollars. He was very helpful in showing us ways to optimize and enhance our site. I recommend him if you want affordable quality work done right the first time. We will be using him again & again.

Good designer, just need see his potential. Needed a little motivation, but in the end result is what matters.

Great work. Fast and reliable.

Fast worker and good communicator. Will be working with Ram in the future.

Job done as required – Speedy Delivery

This looks fantastic, thank you for the great turnaround. Terrific job.

This looks fantastic, thank you for the great turnaround. Terrific job.

Hire Me

Ram Kashyap offers graphic design, web design and development on responsive plateform services of the highest quality and is based in Delhi, India.

The freelance creative director behind IndiaDesigner is myself, Ram Kashyap, and I offer the highest quality in service, customer support and for the best value for money. Don’t just take my word for it, read some of my client testimonials or check out my portfolio. If you were after a brand identity / web development fill out this form, otherwise send me an email.

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